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Welcome to the Pixel Eight website.
We are an independent, digital content creation studio that provides High Quality visuals for
film, and television; Along with various other industries such as architecture, design, aerospace, corporate, industrial and medical areas of influence.

Pixel Eight is led by Jeremy Totel, who has over a 17 years of experience in creating for a variety of digital disciplines. Jeremy brings a diverse background in traditional media as a generalist and third generation business owner which all prove to be a valuable asset to Pixel Eight and our clients.

Our flexibility and scalability allow us to fit into existing productions, or create new productions from the ground up. We work closely with our Clients in providing real world feedback and not a lot o trendy jargon. This allows them to plan for successful visuals that accommodate their budgets as well as their schedules.

Please take the time to learn about the services we offer, along with galleries of the many projects we have completed.

Thank you.

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